OMBA Certified Mortgage Professional Program                         



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The OMBA is offering a state designation for industry professionals who demonstrate a high level of competence, expertise, community involvement, as well as dedication to mortgage lending in the state of Oklahoma.  The CMP designation is earned through a combination of industry experience, education and training, licensing and other credentials, and participation in industry associations.

How to Apply:
  1. Review the CMP point requirements.
  2. Submit your CMP application and payment
  3. OMBA's Program Committee will review application
  4. You will receive an email once a decision has been made.
What does it mean to receive the CMP designation:
  • Be recognized as an industry leader and expert
  • Use of the CMP designation and logo
  • Receive recognition and a CMP pin at the OMBA Annual Conference (year approved)
Qualifications for the Program:
  • CMP designation is good for three years
  • Minimum two years' experience in the mortgage industry
  • Must be a current member of OMBA either individually or working for a member company
  • Must certify you have not been convicted of a felony and are not listed on Fannie Mae Excluded Parties List or HUD's Limited Denial of Participation (LDP) list
  • Must have a minimum of 150 total points from the Point Matrix below
Experience     Education     Industry Participation  
Experience Level  Points   Degrees/Programs Points   Participation Points
Each year of mortgage industry experience
10   Associates Degree  5   OMBA Conference (per year past 3 years)
Minimum points required for category 20   OMBA Sponsored Educational Event  5   Volunteer at Industry Event (per event)
Maximum points allowed for category 100   Industry Education (less than 4 hours)  5   Committee or Forum Participation (per year)
      Four Year Degree  10   OMBA Mortgage Leadership Program  25
Related License/Certificates     Industry Education (more than 4 hours)  10   Chair or Co-Chair of Committee or Project  30
License/Certificates Points   Four Year Degree in Finance/Real Estate  15   OMBA Board Member  40
Each active license/certificate 10   Adv. Degree in Law, MBA, or relevant field  15   Board Member of Industry Association  40
Minimum points required for category 0   CampusMBA Course  20   Former/Current OMBA President  50
Maximum points allowed for category 20   Minimum points required for category  20   Former/Current NAPMW President  50
      Maximum points allowed for category  50   Minimum points required for category  15 
            Maximum points allowed for category 50


Current list of OMBA Certified Mortgage Professionals
Haley Annuschat
Jody Biggers
Carol Clark
Marilyn Cook
Linda Dickerson
JoAnn Durant
Jerrad Hacker
Stacy Hall
Ronette Hauser-Jones
Nathan Holloway
Teresa Lyman
Erika Martens
Shawn Moore
Matt Muller
Ben Paul
Doyle Province
Madonna Rolens-Daniels
Jeff Scroggins
David Showalter
Max Stephens
Ellie Wade
Gina Wall